About Obama

Text: obama’ speech cairo – york times, The following is a text of president obama’s prepared remarks to the muslim world, delivered on june 4, 2009, as released by the white house. i am honored.
Worldnetdaily – wnd – free press free people, Independent news website with an emphasis on aggressive investigative reporting. founded by joseph and elizabeth farah..
Barack obama: america giant leap mars, Story highlights. barack obama: space program shows america’s boundary-pushing curiosity. we do what’s possible before anyone else; he says next step is to.

Gallup daily: obama job approval | gallup, On jan. 21, gallup began tracking daily percentage americans approve disapprove job barack obama president..

Barack obama "hope" poster – wikipedia, The barack obama "hope" poster image barack obama designed artist shepard fairey, widely iconic represent 2008.

President obama’ interview jeffrey goldberg syria, Friday, august 30, 2013, day feckless barack obama brought premature america’ reign world’ sole indispensable superpower—.


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