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What mind-blowing facts jainism? – quora, I’m not sure about how many of these facts could be considered "mind-blowing" rather than simply interesting, as most people i know seem to very little about jainism.
Jainism facts, information, pictures | encyclopedia., Jainism. famous for its promotion of nonviolence and often paired with buddhism as one of ancient india’s two greatest dissenting religions, jainism is currently.
Jainism origins, jainism history, jainism beliefs – patheos, Jainism, dating back to the 6th century b.c.e. in india, is a syncretistic tradition with many similarities to hinduism and buddhism..

Bbc – religion: jainism, Guide jainism, ancient indian religion harmlessness renunciation, including worship, beliefs, jain living history..

About jainism – victoria albert museum, Jainism, major religions early india, continuously practised middle millennium bc..

Jainism | religion | britannica., Jainism, indian religion teaching path spiritual purity enlightenment disciplined nonviolence (ahimsa, literally “noninjury”) living.


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