About Zika Virus

Paho | zika virus infection, Zika resources. missions to support countries; epidemiological alerts and updates; case definitions; technical reports and guidelines; countries with local transmission.
Zika travel information | travelers’ health | cdc, Areas with interrupted transmission. zika was previously found in the locations on this list, but scientists have determined the virus is no longer present..
Zika virus — nejm, Zika virus is rapidly spreading throughout the americas and the caribbean. the association with microcephaly has led the who to declare a public health emergency..

Who | zika virus, Zika virus emerging mosquito-borne virus identified uganda 1947 rhesus monkeys monitoring network sylvatic yellow fever..

Zika virus symptoms, countries, risk, prevention – webmd, The zika virus linked birth defect microcephaly. primarily mosquito-borne, sexually transmitted. webmd reports..

Zika virus | medscape, Timeline – zika: history emerging virus zika burst scene viral threat humans. truth? zika discovered 75.


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