Step By Step Origami

Butterfly akira yoshizawa, Butterfly by akira yoshizawa 1. paper square. fold in half like a book. unfold. turn it over. 2. fold in half diagonally. unfold. 3. fold in half diagonally..
Velociraptor – origami-cdo., 180° 14-15 for step #19, open carefully, fold the layer and close again. turn the model turn model follow the folding lines as open sink 15 16 17 18 19 20.
Mintá csempé patterned tiles – origami, 3. széthúzó préshajtás a négy sarkon. spread-squash all four corners. 4. nyomjuk be az egyik sarkot középre. push one corner through to the center..

Making mini-book sheet paper, 2006 miiko gibson www.miikogibson. making mini-book sheet paper fun. hands ( daughter .
.pdf – spitenet, 10. repeat . 13. finished unit. 6 units starting white side 6 units starting color side . x6 il. pre-crease "locks" squash fold existing.
Origami blossom instructions www.origami-fun, Www.origami-fun. origami blossom instructions 1. start square piece paper, white side . fold open. fold .

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