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Digital devices deprive brain needed downtime – , Ms. bates, for example, might be clearer-headed if she went for a run outside, away from her devices, research suggests. continue reading the main story.
Amazon erases orwell books kindle devices – nytimes., An amazon spokesman said that “1984” and “animal farm” were added to the kindle store by a company that did not have rights to them, using a self.
A $10 hardware hack turns day vulnerabilities , Most consumer tech manufacturers figure that once a hacker can physically access a device, there’s not much left that can be done to defend it. but a group of.

Hurricane irma registering devices detect earthquakes, Hurricane irma strong ‘ showing seismometers — equipment designed measure earthquakes. " ’ seismogram .
Android – history, The android story. walk memory lane explore android’ tasty treats. major release version named sweet..
Snow numbers confirm drought-busting sierra nevada winter, One sign sierra nevada experiencing historic winter snowpack deep devices scientists measure ..

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