How To Name Compounds

Naming ionic compounds – website, Name: _____ naming ionic compounds directions: name the following compounds using the stock naming system. 1. caco 3 calcium carbonate_____.
Benzene aromatic compounds, 1 benzene and aromatic compounds • benzene (c 6h 6) is the simplest aromatic hydrocarbon (or arene). • benzene has four degrees of unsaturation, making it a.
What’ ? – department chemistry, What’s in a name? the nomenclature of inorganic compounds author: kit mao revised by: chris markham, kristin castillo, kit mao, and regina frey.

Types carbonyl compounds –, Types carbonyl compounds general formula suffix -al aldehyde ketone – ‘ -oic acid carboxylic acid .
Naming compounds flow chart –, Naming compounds flow chart metal -metal ionic bond. metal (cation) written , anion written change .
Buffing polishing compounds – ikohe, For steel/stainless steel aluminum/zinc flow-chart stainless steel polishing process buffing polishing compounds & buffs sisar . 46.

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