Story In Japanese

A beating berkeley | weekly standard, Berkeley as white supremacists go, joey gibson makes for a lousy one. for starters, he’s half japanese. “i don’t feel like i’m caucasian at all,” he says..
Tanuki – japanese trickster & spook, originally evil, , Tanuki, magical shape-shifting fox-like dog, icon of wealth, business success, wining & dining, buddhism in japan, shinto in japan..

Fu- – radiolab, Balloon hangar: reads: " photograph japanese balloon inflated apparatus properly suspended." (photo credit: national archives records.
Fearing crime, japanese wear hiding place – , Japanese fashion designers devising variety solutions hope ease growing fears crime..

Masamune – wikipedia, Masamune (正宗), gorō nyūō masamune (五郎入道正宗, priest gorō masamune, .1264–1343 ad), widely recognized japan’ greatest swordsmith.

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