About Indian Constitution

Indian constitution- federal unitary, I think indian constitution is neither purely federal nor unitary in nature ,but it is a combo of both.as it is mainly federal with unique safeguards for enforcing.
Questions indian constitution – 100 mcqs ~ ras exam, Questions on indian constitution with answers: multiple choice questions (mcqs) based on indian constitution and policies are asked in various examinations like ras.
7 main federal features indian constitution, The indian constitution is a written document containing 395 articles and 12 schedules, and therefore, fulfils this basic requirement of a federal government..

Salient features indian constitution pdf, Salient features indian constitution pdf constitution india outstanding features distinguish constitutions..

The constitution india – ministry law justice, The constitution india _____.

Right property indian constitution, Introduction pre 1978 amendment act article 19 1 post 1978 amendment act articles 31 31 31 300 indian constitution recognize property ri.


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