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103 uber drivers accused sexual assault abuse, More than 100 uber drivers in the u.s. have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing their passengers in the past four years..
‘god view’: uber allegedly stalked users party-goers, At a launch party in chicago, uber allegedly treated guests to the whereabouts and movements of 30 "notable" uber users in new york in real time without those users’ permission..
Uber car requirements • alvia, Does your vehicle meet the uber car requirements? find out if your vehicle qualifies. sign up to become an uber driver and start driving..

Uber’ … plays fire – york times, In quest build uber world’ dominant ride-hailing entity, . kalanick openly disregarded rules norms, backing caught cornered..

Uber … travis kalanick’ warpath | vanity fair, Uber, travis kalanick’ smartphone-based car service, valued $18.2 billion, … spends lot time warpath. enemies include taxi industry, regulators world, rivals, , occasion, customers. , .

Self-driving uber car kills pedestrian arizona, , A woman tempe, ariz., died hit -driving car operated uber, believed fatality pedestrian autonomous vehicle public roads..

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