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Flag germany – fast facts | germany city travel guide, Germany has also absorbed a significant number of refugees from the former yugoslavia. german is the main language spoken, although local german dialects can be prevalent. germany is a fairly secular country..
Interesting facts germany – germany guide – eupedia, Germany is the most populous european country (apart from russia), with a population of 82 million. germany’s land area was over 50% larger during the second reich (1871-1918) and included most of present-day poland and parts of lithuania..
Germany | world | guardian, The guardian view on germany’s far right: a challenge for all of europe editorial: atonement for the crimes of the 20th century was meant to build immunity from fascism, but that protection.

Geography,germany,government,history, Germany’ parliament approved plan increase euro-zone’ bail- fund september 2011, late october agreement leaders euro zone wider package meant bring europe’ debt crisis control..

Germany facts | facts kids | geography | travel, The highest mountain germany ‘zugspitze’ ( means ‘windy peak’) 2,963 metres/9,721 ft. germany’ highest mountain germany’ top attractions tourists visit mountain top year..

44 interesting facts germany – study germany free, Germany, switzerland, austria, luxembourg liechtenstein german official language. donaudampfschifffahrtselektriz ätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunte rbeamtengesellschaft longest word published..

44 Interesting Facts About Germany

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